Maria Cecilia is the main target for exploration. There has been no drilling to date. The company is currently developing a drilling program for 2021 and 2022 that will include approximately 8,500 meters of drilling in the Skarn Zone & Stockworks, as well as porphyries 1 and 2 towards the deep magnetic anomaly at Maria Cecilia.

The two-year exploration program at Maria Cecilia envisions three drilling campaigns.  Each drilling phase is contingent on the results of the previous stage.  Drilling will focus on:

  1. The Skarn zone where the main goal is to find the continuity of chalcopyrite mineralization as well as silver anomalies at depth over a volume of 1.2km x 0.2km x 0.3km.
  2. The twin 1 and twin 2 porphyry zone, targeting copper oxides and primary sulphides such as chalcopyrite observed at surface mainly in the potassic alteration zone over a volume of 1km x 0.8km x 0.3km.
  3. Drilling in the direction of the magnetic anomaly towards Emmanuel in contact with Maria Cecilia. The volume of this area would be more than 300m3 million.

Phase 1. Drilling 2,000 m – Phase 2. Drilling 3,000 m – Phase 3. Drilling 3,500 m