Plata Dorada

Technical Report

Deposit Type

Local geology comprises predominantly continental sediments ranging from NeoProterozoic to Lower Paleozoic in age, the latter being in part weakly metamorphosed by Tertiary granitic and andesitic intrusions. The copper (Cu) and silver (Ag) mineralization at Plata Dorada is structurally controlled and consists of polymetallic quartz sulphide veins averaging 0.5 to 1.5m wide.

Mineralization is dominated by Cu and Ag with historic sampling ranging from 0.3 to 8.7% Cu, and 70 g/t to over 1500 g/t Ag. Gold (Au) is present in trace amounts. There are two zones of veins with multiple vein sets on the property with distinct orientations: North West and North-North-East. Dips are between 45o to 82o and individual strike lengths are in excess of 100 m.

Exploration Discovery

Camino has worked with the local community to improve the existing access into the project. Apart from small scale artisanal mining going back as far as Colonial times, there has been no systematic exploitation or exploration of the concessions.

Our Location

Plata Dorada consists of 3,800 hectares, located 158 kilometres east of the city of Cuzco, approximately 2.5 hours drive on paved highway. The project can be accessed all year round on paved highway and all-weather dirt roads.

What We Are Doing

In September 2020, Camino announced that field work has been initiated on the property. Camino envisions the Plata Dorada project as a potential very low CAPEX, high grade copper and silver project. Plata Dorada is envisioned as an example of opportunities with high risk exploration and high reward that Camino is seeking to secure and advance in Peru.