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Camino identifies additional mineralized Copper and Silver veins at Plata Dorada with channel samples grading up to 5.76% Cu and 1,500 g/t Ag;
increases mineral claims at Plata Dorada to 3,800 ha

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Vancouver, February 3, 2021 – Camino Corp. (TSXV: COR) (OTCQB: CAMZF) (WKN: A116E1) (“Camino” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce new exploration results from its 100% owned Plata Dorada Copper and Silver project (“Plata Dorada” of “the project”) in Peru.  The Company completed an exploration program in the Fall of 2020 at Plata Dorada and has identified up to 10 mineralized copper and silver veins with channel sample grades up to 5.76% copper (Cu) and 1,500 g/t silver (Ag).  The channel samples range in width from 0.2 to 1.4 m across the vein and are located over a distance of 4 km.  Individual veins have been mapped with strike lengths up to 380 m, before disappearing under shallow cover.  A summary of the significant veins identified, and channel sample results is shown in Figure 1. and summarized in Table 1. 

The Company recently increased its land position in the area by 1,700 hectares (ha) for a total claim area of 3,800 ha. 

Photo 1. Chalcopyrite Copper and Silver Sulphide Mineralization at Plata Dorada

“At Plata Dorada, we have a system of high-grade copper and silver veins spaced over a distance of 4 km.   We have just begun to explore at Plata Dorada.  Our exploration efforts will focus on identifying additional high-grade vein structures, and determining mineable widths and continuity at depth,” said Camino CEO, Jay Chmelauskas.  “We’ve increased our claims around Plata Dorada in a region that has a rich history of colonial mining, new metal mines, and discoveries.” 

Figure 1: Best Results of the Geochemical Sampling Campaign in 2020

Plata Dorada is located 158 kilometers east of the city of Cusco.  The project can be accessed by a 2.5 hour drive along a paved highway from Cusco.   There are 18th century records of colonial mining activities at several locations within 50 kilometers of Plata Dorada.  Numerous pits and shallow underground workings exist on the property as a result of recent artisanal mining activities.  

Photo 2. Historical Workings at Plata Dorada

The Plata Dorada project is located in the metallogenic belt described by INGEMMET as Belt III: Cu-Mo-Zn Porphyry-Skarns Belt, Au-Cu-Pb-Zn and U-Ni-Co-Cu deposits, related to Permian-Triassic intrusives (Carlotto et al. 2009); this belt is located along the Eastern Cordillera and part of the Sub-Andean Zone of the Peruvian territory.  One of the most characteristic projects of this metallogenic belt is Ollachea of Minera Kuri Kullu, a subsidiary of Minera IRL. 

The Ollachea project is considered an orogenic gold deposit with an indicated mineral resource of 1.4 Moz Au according to its 2012 NI43-101 report; this project is located about 60 kilometers SE of the Plata Dorada project. 

Exploration work at Plata Dorada in the Fall of 2020 consisted of several field visits to identify new vein structures, with over channel 70 samples tested for metal content by Camino.  The results of this program were integrated with results and data from a channel sampling program undertaken prior to 2016 by Minquest Peru, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Camino.  The Company now plans to continue to develop a 1:2000 geological map and model of the vetiform structures to define exploration drill targets.

Figure 1. and Table 1.  show samples collected by Camino Corp. in 2020 and historic samples with grades of copper >= 1% and silver >=15g/t.   The veins dip North-West and North-North-East between 45° to 82° and have individual strike lengths in excess of 100 m before disappearing under shallow cover.  

Sample No.EastNorthElev.Area ProspectChannel Width (m)AZDipSilver (Ag)
Copper (Cu) %Sampling Info.
227804084953653,954DORADA SUR0.233075NE182.78New vein
5628000184958094,291HITHZA II0.6  582.78New vein
Hist_MARC0272804468496546 HITHZA II20 1,5003.13Historic
Hist_MARC0242804558496526 HITHZA II20 4331.32Historic
Hist_MARC0282804798496585 HITHZA II20 1,5008.57Historic
Hist_MARC0252804798496555 HITHZA II20 4001.85Historic
Hist_MARC0292804888496578 HITHZA II0.320 3231.95Historic
Hist_MARC0132805038496657 HITHZA IV0.520 2222.45Historic
Hist_MARC0122805048496661 HITHZA IV0.720 1,0302.47Historic
Hist_MARC0212805058496598 HITHZA II0.520 5861.86Historic
Hist_MARC0162805138496616 HITHZA II1.520 1,4301.45Historic
Hist_MARC0302806478495706 HITHZA II0.6140 566.93Historic
Hist_MARC0312806688495699 HITHZA II0.6140 425.97Historic
Hist_MARC0322806848495685 HITHZA II1.0140 272.36Historic
Hist_MARC0332806908495661 HITHZA II0.5140 1173.51Historic
5328069784956784,412HITHZA II0.834568NE391.51New  Sample
Hist_MARC0342807158495654 HITHZA II1.0140 190.99Historic
Hist_MARC0352807328495618 HITHZA II0.5140 932.72Historic
2828128984962144,375HITHZA II0.5  383.38New vein
3028168384963254,246TALI1.41045E361.49New vein
1128195084969984,010TALI 10.319060SE1,5005.76New vein
Hist_MARC0072822708496653 TALI 10.4140 311.54Historic
Hist_MARC0052822808496665 TALI 10.5140 171.01Historic
3228230984966304,023TALI 11.0075SE151.42New  Sample
3128231484965694,047TALI0.52070W211.25New  Sample

Table 1. Channel Sample Results in 2020 and Historic Sampling at Plata Dorada

The 2020 channel samples were collected and analyzed by ICP-61, with digestion by four acids for 33 elements and fire assay for Au.

About Camino Minerals Corporation

Camino is a discovery and development stage copper exploration company. The Company is focused on advancing its high-grade Los Chapitos copper project located in Peru towards potential resource delineation and new discoveries. In addition, the company has commenced field studies at its silver and copper Plata Dorada project.  The Company seeks to acquire a portfolio of advanced copper assets that have the potential to deliver copper into an electrifying copper intensive global economy. For more information, please refer to Camino’s website at www.caminominerals.com.

Kenneth C. McNaughton, M.A.Sc., P.Eng., a Qualified Person as defined by NI 43-101, is a Director of the Company and has reviewed and approved the technical contents of this document.

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